Coming straight out of bands like Mille Monarques, L’indice and Feathership, the multi-instrumentalist Mat Vezio takes center stage to present his very first record, Avant la mort des fleurs cueillies, with Simone Records. Soaked with an undeniable flair for gripping melodies, the singer-songwriter unveils twelve tracks displaying the array of nuances within him.

A few words from the artist himself : “It’s like a bright hangover on a Sunday morning, when you wake up and the sun blinds you. It speaks both to a child and to someone roughed up by last night.”

Whether in hangover mode or not, through its darker corners, the worldly pop lets a few beams shine through. The vocals and music are completely in synch with their time, both troubling and mellow. The musician digs deep into his polyphonic and sundry influences, ranging from Gospel Choir to Nick Cave, leering Leonard Cohen’s poetry and Bahamas vibes on the way.

Raised in the city, theater student in Paris and then in screenwriting in Montreal, Vezio progressively turned to music, supporting the horde of musicians from the local scene. Through his career, over twenty artists and bands have benefited of his feats, such as Laura Sauvage, Dany Placard, Le Husky and Louis-Philippe Gingras.

Through three years of hard work polishing his debut album, Vezio wanted to challenge himself, to bring his lyrics and music beyond his comfort zone, exceed his own ambitions. The final result is a record brimmed with deftly constructed pop gems. The brighter sounds nimbly balanced by darker tones, thanks to Antoine Corriveau, who signs his first production. On an artistic standpoint, the collaboration came together in the most natural and authentic way : “The acoustic intentions mutated into something else. Antoine saw the project as bigger than what I saw, without it being too much. It was all so obvious. At first, I thought the music would be very refined, but as I listened to it, I realized it was much more striking than I thought”.

Undoubtedly, Vezio is more than ready for his big break.


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Après nous avoir donné un avant-goût prometteur l’année dernière au Cabaret Festif! de la relève [...] Mat Vezio nous présente enfin Avant la mort des fleurs cueillies, une magnifique
collection de douze pièces logées à l’enseigne de la pop de chambre.

— Ecoutedonc.ca
Les jeux de niveaux sonores et de spatialisation soulignent chaque élément à merveille.
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