03/04/2018 || Les Francouvertes, Cabaret Lion d'Or, Montreal

20/04/2018 || Nienburger Kulturwerk, Nienburg | Germany

21/04/2018 || Schwan-Restaurant Derendor, Düsseldorf | Germany

22/04/2018 || Kulturgüterbahnhof, Langenberg | Allemagne

24/04/2018 || Les Petites Gouttes, Paris | France

25/04/2018 || Dorret Bar, Mainz | Germany

26/04/2018 || Jungle-Club, Cologne | Germany

27/04/2018 || Lindencult, Weilburg | Germany

28/04/2018 || Volksbad Buckau, Magdeburg | Germany

29/04/2018 || Phönix Theaterwelt Wittenberg, Wittenberg | Germany

01/05/2018 || Prachtwerk, Berlin | Germany

02/05/2018 || Galerie Fango, Cottbus | Germany

03/05/2018 || Feinkost Lampe, Hannover | Germany

04/05/2018 || Kukuun, Hamburg | Germany

05/05/2018 || Hotel Légère, Bielefeld | Germany

Rayannah's singular voice rises in layers, creating music from scratch. Running vocals through loop pedals, the bilingual artist bends noise into music and draws listeners into her world. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Rayannah has taken her pedals across Canada, to California for the Culture Collide festival, and to Europe.

Boxcar Lullabies, Rayannah's first recording as a solo artist, was released in May of 2015. The EP blends her melodies with the indelible sounds of delicate strings, distorted whispers, pulled-apart pianos, passing trains, and a choir of double basses. Live, Rayannah recreates these soundscapes by looping her voice, breath, synths and percussion. Her visceral lyrics in French and English ring above it all, pulling from her experiences both dark and sweet.

Whether opening for Esperanza Spalding or Coeur de pirate, playing the main stage at Yonge & Dundas Square, fronting her band and string section, or performing alone on stage, Rayannah shares something intricate, raw and intimate all at once.



Contact : 

Janelle Tougas