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Having emigrated to belle Montréal from the badlands of Toronto, singer, songwriter and pianist Ainsley McNeaney brings her intelligent, eclectic brand of indie-pop to every stage. Her first album, True Story Orchestra (2008), features a whimsical songbook accompanied by a full orchestra, and has been hailed as a mature and insightful inaugural recording. Since its release, she's been touring throughout Canada, with forays into NYC and Israel, performing at some of this country's most reputable venues. Her most recent album, Bones Are Forever (2014), will be released on October 28th, 2014.  Armed with profound lyrics and a soulful voice to match, and accompanied by an ensemble of the finest cats this side of the great divide, she will make your heart very happy indeed with tales of love, hope and octopus super-heroes

Ainsley took her time between the release of her first album True Story Orchestra in 2008 and Bones Are Forever, because she wanted to do it just right. “The first time around, she says, I think I was more naïve and didn’t have enough knowledge of how the music industry worked. Also, in 2010, I moved from my hometown of Toronto to Montreal. I had to take time to adjust to my new settings, this music scene that was relatively new to me. I took part in different projects, met new people. I’m glad I took the time to produce this release. I feel more confident now than I would have been four years ago.”


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