Prince Ali-X

Touched by the strength of the youths of Brazilian favelas who made him realize that art is the foundation of who we are as human beings, pianist-singer and accordionist, Ali-X quit his career in engineering to come back to his first passion, music. Son of Haitian guitar player, Ali-X started to learn arts at a very young age : theater, classical piano, and later, jazz-pop arrangement at Berklee College of music. After producing a Hip Hop album with the teenagers of the favelas of Fortaleza, Ali-X came back to his hometown, Montreal. He won many prizes in collaborations with local artists (2 Galaxie prizes, Adisq) and founded his own musical project : Prince Ali-X and the Ambassadors. From a warm Island to a cold one : Haiti-Montreal, Cuba-Montreal. Pop-Jazz-Caribbean fusion.

Ali-X plays with his Montreal-based quartet, the Ambassadors of sound : André Galamba on guitar (Brazil), Andrew Bruhelius on bass (Germany), Tacfarinas Kichou of percussion (Algeria). Michel Brindis on drums (Cuba).

The goal of this project is to explore in depth the mix of Afro-Haitian, Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban styles - twoubadou, son and samba - and modernize everything in a Canadian approach. This will connect Ali-X to his roots and main musical influences, as he did an internship in Brazil and a tour in Cuba. The research will try to find the links between these creolized music of the Americas. Thus, the artist will observe the characteristics of these traditional rhythms and extract a common essence seeking also to incorporate them in a Montreal, urban or universal approach. This personal style will promote French, while leaving room for other languages such as Creole, English, Portuguese or Spanish. It will draw on bands like Zuco 103, who mix very skillfully electronic sounds and world music. Therefore, it will use both samples and live recordings, and will not hesitate to incorporate keyboards of synthesized sounds with traditional instruments.






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