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A fascinating bird has landed on the music scene. Annie Sama is a Canadian electronic producer, singer-songwriter performing under the monicker APigeon. She has just completed a long flight that subsequently saw the creation of the album APigeon Is Born, in which the artist infuses a wide range of influences such as electronica, pop and folk. With her lavish voice blessed with flexibility, she extends her vocal range without diffusing emotions, which earned her comparisons to the likes of Björk, Feist, and Lykke Li.

APigeon worked with Producer Charles-Émile Beaudin with whom she also co-signed the musical arrangements. Organic musical instruments such as drums, African percussions and piano are integrated to the electronic compositions, which defines the APigeon sound. This airy sonic environment fuses perfectly with her heartfelt and dreamy poetry. This first project earned her great reviews who praised the uniqueness of her voice and her integrity as an artist.

A first music video was produced by oneChuck for the track Moon 5. It embodies a metamorphosis from obscurity to radiance. The renewal of self and spirit transposed in a playful and definitely stylized clip, giving us a glimpse of APigeon’s stage persona.

APigeon played Pop Montreal, M for Montreal, MEG and Fringe Festivals, and is featured in Indie Montreal showcases. With her heartfelt melodies, her boundless harmonies and her poetry, APigeon incarnates the music scene with authenticy.


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Indie Montreal
Jon Weisz

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Agence RubisVaria
Nathalie Bourget
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And this definitely leans towards more the poppy end, so the sort-of Björk, Feist, Grimes, and I wanted to include something like that and I really liked it just because she’s so new and she’s using electronics very much just as instrumentation and she’s very much a vocalist.
— Mira Calix, BBC Radio 6
The night began with the encapsulating electro-pop sound of APigeon, who crowd members begged to stay on stage. Powerful performance...
— Bronte Martin, The Main Mtl