Organic Electro. Sublime Bliss.


Born from the desire to let everything out.

The beautiful, and the grotesque.

Everything started on a trip to Berlin.


Known for her sensitivity and her contagious beats, Joannie Labelle surprises us takes us with her songwriting skills under the name Bea Box.

The music is electronic, organic, colourful and lively.

She has also studies under many percussion masters like Alain Labrosse, Luc Boivin, Paul Picard, and is currently studying Indian drumming (mridangam) alongside Puvialagan Mayaraja. Bea Box has played numerous festivals in Europe and Canada, including PankeParcours in Berlin, Groove E.V. Berlin, OFF Festival in Quebec, The New Cinema Festival and the Festival of Arabic Music and Arts.

She plays in Afrikana Soul Sister, who are doing quite well right now, having played at the Internation Montreal Jazz Festival, the FME (Festival de Musique Emergente) and Martizik Martinique.

She also plays in Blandilo and the Oro percussion trio, with whom she’s played many European festivals with (primarily in Germany, Italy and France), and in Canada including Tam Tam Macadam, Fusion Festival in Germany, Festa Dei Popoli in Bari, Italy, as well as at the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.

Bea Box has played percussion for numerous other groups including Les Trois Accords, Lara Fabian and Pawa Up First. She has also been a percussionist for La Voix, Ma Premiere Place des Arts and Belle et Bum.


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