Dan San



Dan San, one of the most representatives of Belgian indie folk, is back!

After two years of silence, work, questioning and waiting, Dan San comes back with “Shelter”, an astral, organic and atmospheric second album!

Seduced by the project, Yann Arnaud, known for his work with Air, Phoenix or Syd Matters, joins the adventure. In Paris, at “La Frette” studio where Yann is established, Dan San settles in the middle of a mess made of amps, vintage keyboards and guitars. The production is engaged! Isolated in this out-of-time manor, which has already welcomed artists such as Feist, Girls in Hawaï or Patrick Watson, the musicians experiment new working methods. From now on, track-by-track recording is over, Yann wants to capture the emotion and the essence of their music live.

The result is a successful and fully-grown album whose compositions are sensitive, authentic and exhilarating. Dan San synthetizes its folk heritage while placing itself in a modern and inventive dynamic. Let “Shelter” take action, as it reveals itself listening after listening.



Management Maxime Lhussier max@jauneorange.be

Booking (Québec, Ontario & Maritimes) Pomeline Delgado pomeline@indiemontreal.ca

Booking (Belgique) booking@jauneorange.be

Press relation Six medias marketing simon@sixmedias.ca

Label Yotanka - France Simone Records - QC, Canada Jaune Orange / Pias - Benelux Flake Recods - Japon Minty Fresh - USA


The new hope of the Belgian folk scene is called San Dan.
— Rolling Stone Magazine (FR)
Dan San is playing in the big leagues.
— Moustique (BE)