Giant Screens

Our network of Digital Displays includes a circuit of oversized screens in about fifteen supermarkets across Greater Montreal as well as in 750 gyms across Canada, including about a hundred in the Montreal area. We're always able to cherry-pick specific screens for a given activation and to offer interactive content on demand.

Our supermarket network

We offer approximately a hundred 32-inch screens located by the checkout counter at the entrance to each aisle in order for your content to be visible throughout the entire store. The network counts about 2 million views per month. Half of its content is made up of client advertising. The other half includes location-specific circular specials and general interest content (weather reports, news and sports results). Each ad lasts 15 seconds and displays about every 3 minutes, which translates to 20 times per hour or about 300 times per day per screen.


o  Per weekend: $125/ location

o   Per week: $175/ location

o   Per 4 weeks: $500/ location

Our fitness centre network

We offer two types of content on 42-inch screens located directly in clients' field of vision.

- Standard full-screen ads with sound

- Digital signage, comprising three-quarters of the screen, visual only

Every 15 minutes, the regular music video and training tip content incorporates 2 minutes of ad time, divided into 30-second spots.



Starting at $11.15/ day per location