Thursday, October 19, 2017

Billy Moon + Goodbye Honolulu + Guests

Divan Orange | 4234 St. Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Z3

Doors 8:30 pm   |   Show 9:30 pm



Presented by Indie Montreal


Billy Moon has arrived to prove that wearing a dress onstage and playing 90s-era-slacker-rock is a viable career path. An unpredictable live show complete with stage diving, costumes, audience insults, and theatrics of all kinds, speaks to the raucous nature of Mr. Moon and his band.

After recent shows/tours supporting Will Butler, Nada Surf, Partner, The Most Serene Republic, Walrus and Zoobombs, Indie88 Toronto decided to be the first station in Canada to properly support the band by adding them to rotation and presenting the band's Horseshoe Tavern residency in Toronto in March of 2017.

"I'll Push the Pedals and You Steer" (out May12th) is an EP that isn't meant to be taken too seriously (as seen in the band's latest video for lead single, "IWK", released in MArch of 2017) but rather heard while laughing with old friends or over a cigarette with a stranger outside your favourite bar. The EP was recorded in Toronto, Ontario in October of 2016 with long time collaborator Asher Gould. The album is sad, mocking, hilarious, genuine, ridiculous, imaginative, inquisitive and hopeful, all at once. Billy Moon is truly the Hobbes to singer Graham Caldwell's Calvin. There's no room to maneuver in the music industry without imagination, and Billy Moon has that in spades.