16/03/2019 || Lawrence Park Community Church, Toronto, (ON)

26/03/2019 || Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, (QC) 




Dawn Davi is an Iranian-Canadian pianist, composer, visual artist, and educator based in Toronto. Having started classical piano at the age 6, she played small concerts before relocating to Canada.  She received formal training and education at York University, Berklee College of Music’s online extension school, and the Offcentre DJ school of Toronto. Her music has been featured in City of Toronto's 311 winter 2017 playlist, popular "I Care if You Listen" blog, as well as on multiple public and syndicated radio stations in US in 2018, including KPFA-FM's "Discreet Music". She enjoys collaborating with musicians from different musical cultures, fusing and creating new sounds, and has also worked with several visual artists exploring the connection between the two mediums.

Her upcoming sophomore album is inspired and empowered by her journey towards regaining and reaffirming her artistic voice amidst a very personal struggle with cancer and its devastating aftermath.  Now in recovery, she enjoys yoga and maintaining a child-like fascination for all things Japanese.

Her second album, entitled "Sweet Apple", will be released on March 20, 2019.



Contact: Dawn@dawndavi.com