Laura Babin


06/11/2018 || CCF18 - Verre Bouteille, Montreal, (QC.)



It takes just a moment with Laura Babin to understand and feel the depth of her music. Onstage, her candour disarms and charms even the biggest sceptics, while her compositions lead the listener on an introspective journey from which they won’t want to return.

In October 2015, after a 3 months stay in Asia, her music took a turn. Her band’s configuration changed as she recorded a new four-song EP as a trio (electric guitar, bass and drums), entitled Water Buffalo. It flirts with a new atmospheric rock sound, which she enjoys helping the listener discover as she moves through her own exploration.

With partners in crime that support her, while challenging her to grow, Laura Babin’s project builds more than lyrics and music: she wants to create a universe. She wants to share an encircling atmosphere full of sensations that take the listener away. She wants to create a gathering, an exchange of experience.

Laura Babin is an atmospheric and felted rock music project underpinned with airy vocals and candid arrangements - ethereal music that begs us to dance with ourselves and pushes us to introspection.

Initially soft folk, today Laura Babin gives us elegant rock, its form owned and grounded. The music occupies more space, the vibe is more distinct and its body moves freely, birthing a bewitching universe.

Laura is working on a new album, expected on 2019, produce by Dany Placard.




Laura Babin


Camille Goulet


A native of Rimouski, Laura Babin possesses this discreet and poignant charm of a new young voice that adds color to Montreal.
— BRBR @Alexandre Turcotte
The sound is organic, with almost grungy hues in the treatment of the voice. His two acolytes David Dupaul (bass) and Francis Ledoux (drums) do a remarkable job of putting forward the soft and silent voice of Babin; everything is harmonious, well-tied.
— Voir @Antoine Bordeleau