Saturday, August 5th, 2017

With  Liana

Divan Orange |  4234 St. Laurent

Doors 10:00 pm   |   Show 11:00 pm


Presented by Indie Montreal and osheaga

Heartfelt vocals, personal lyrics and sophisticated beats define the authentic alternative R&B sound of Liana. Born and raised in Quebec City, Canada, the singer/songwriter discovered R&B music at a young age, listening to Destiny’s Child records at the public library in hiding from her parents, who forbid her from listening to anything on the radio. More than a decade later, the spirit of that era still resonates into her unique blend of soul, electronic and pop music. At only 25 years old, Liana has developed a stage presence that rivals performers twice her age.

As an independent artist, Liana released her first single, “On the Run,” in August of 2016, attracting widespread attention. In February, Liana released her sexiest song yet, “Good Intentions.”  The track set the tone for the release of her debut EP, Prime Time out in March 2017.

In 2015, she caught the attention of a large audience and the mainstream press for her fiery performances on Québec’s very popular version of “The Voice.” Since then, she has slowly been perfecting her own voice and her skills as a songwriter. In the last year, Liana has had the chance to perform at some of Québec’s most important festivals; more recently, she was invited to perform during a night of showcases at the revered M for Montréal festival. This spring, she showcased her original music at Canadian Music Week in Toronto and gave a well noticed performance at Festival d'été de Québec last July.

After years of honing her skills on stage and in the studio, Liana is now ready for her big debut. Prime Time is only the beginning—2017 will truly be her year.

‘ Liana is definitely one to watch for 2017.’
—Tiana Feng, Ride the Tempo