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Born in Medellin, Colombia, but based in Montreal for the past decade, Ramon Chicharron is a nomad at heart. Leaving Colombia, at the age of 19, he first moved to Miami and then arrived in Montreal in 2005. He started his first musical project called Ramon y su son, a latin fusion project mixing son cubano, cumbia and cha cha cha, and launched his EP (Pal’ Monte) in 2011.

Looking for a sound that would be closer to his Colombian roots, he started experimenting with afro-colombian percussions. After a few months in Miami where he met with his musical family, the “Nativos Jammin Orchestra”, he came back to Montreal inspired for his second album. He started recording in his home-made studio and within a month, he came out with a new project he named Ramon Chicharron, a mix between chicha, the traditional Andean fermented drink, and ron, the typically Caribbean fermented alcohol. He launched the album Uepaje, in December 2015. Celebrating the ancestral afrocolombian rhythms of cumbia, bullerengue, son corrido, tambora and puya, to which he adds trombone, clarinet and electric guitar, Ramon Chicharron creates a musical fusion he calls “cumbia chicharronica”.

He is currently working on an album that will be released on May 24th. This opus will continue to celebrate the folkloric rhythms, while adding electronic sounds and psycho-tropical melodies. Wishing to explore more his multi-instrumentalist side on stage, Ramon will reduce the format to 4 musicians, and play with sampling, live afro-colombian percussions and a psycho-tropical guitar. With lyrics tackling the plight of migrants and inspired by Pachamama, the goddess known as Mother Earth among Andean people, he hopes to spread a message of consciousness while adapting the Colombian folklore to global sounds.



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