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Pro Cocktail & Showcase Presented by Indie Montreal & APCM @Halifax Pop Explosion

Thurdsay, October 18th

5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

        The Carleton - 1685 Argyle St, Halifax

Lakes of Canada - Millimetrik - Rayannah - Georgian Bay

3:00 PM - Georgian Bay
3:30 PM - Rayannah 
4:30 PM - Lakes of Canada
5:15 PM - Millimetrik 

Free access for pros, medias, artists and HPX pass owners.



Lakes of Canada

Their indie rock is wrought with gospel, soul and folk sensibilities and offers complex arrangements and a unique sonic depth. Crowned best local folk show by CULT MTL and the 2012 Montreal FRINGE Festival’s most outstanding group, Lakes of Canada moved farther down the path of success with Transgressions, a concept album based on the Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale and their 2nd full-length released in October 2015. After a 30-date album launch tour and a 2016 GAMIQ award for Traditional album of the year, the quartet plan to release new EP The Flood in November 2018, with a long-awaited LP slated for release in 2019.



Avec plus d’une décennie à explorer les méandres et les confins de la musique électronique à travers un catalogue de parutions impressionnant , Millimetrik (Pascal Asselin dans son quotidien) dessine son oeuvre la plus surprenante à ce jour. Make It Last Forever place maintenant le terrain de jeu électronique en contact direct avec une certaine frange de la house syncopée, technoïde à ses heures et aventureuse plus souvent qu’autrement. Sorte d’état des lieux proche des axes incontournables que sont Detroit, Berlin et Paris, l’évolution sonore par le changement et la transformation se révèle salutaire et vivifiante pour Millimetrik.



Rayannah bends noise into music by running voice, breath, synth and percussion through loop pedals. Underscored by intricate beat-making, her evocative lyrics in French and English rise above dense soundscapes, pulling listeners into a world both dark and sweet.

Innovative on stage and in the studio, Rayannah is now unveiling music from her first full length album to be released in early 2019. Beginning with singles “En attendant demain” and “Best of You”, this new collection of songs pursues and pushes the sounds and textures explored in Rayannah’s debut EP Boxcar Lullabies.


Georgian Bay

Polaris prize nominated bilingual duo Georgian Bay features the soaring vocal harmonies of multi-instrumentalists Joëlle Westman and Kelly Lefaive. Fearlessly fusing elements of electronic, jazz, chamber music, and pop to their folk roots, Georgian Bay’s music is uniquely Canadian, intertwining lyrics in English and French. On October 26th 2018, Georgian Bay will release the second volume of Courage, a double album that explores the human experience in shadow and light.

     "A fascinating and absorbing sonic experience" - Chris Montanini, The Londoner