Wednesday, October 27th, 2016

KyAzMa (release party)

Casa del Popolo |  4873 St. Laurent, Montreal 



A presentation of Indie Montreal


Ky∆zMa [kahy-az- muh]: a meeting place of dualities; a crossing. William Moon and Christina Enigma are Ky∆zMa; an adventurous audio bridge between a new generation of electronic music and DJ culture, and the familiarity and soulfulness of live bands and acoustic folk. With carefully arranged vocal harmonies, acoustic instrumentation, electronic beats, and an ever-evolving system of digital control, Ky∆zMa is a true intertwining of the organic and the electronic. Inspired by the growing popularity of sound- system culture and bass music, the duo continues to develop their unique musical voice, which is equally old and new, acoustic and electronic, digital and human, performing in cities and underground electronic music festivals across North America.


Look out for Ky∆zMa’s upcoming LP “The Magician’s Mirror”, which will no doubt represent this duo to be the powerful creators of beautiful audio imagery that they are, bridging the existing divide between the worlds of electronic and folk music.