Wenesday, may 11th, 2016

Ferraro with Perdrix

Casa del Popolo  |  4873 bd St. Laurent, Montreal 

Doors 9:00 pm   |   Show 9:30 pm

“What strange creatures brothers are!” ― Jane Austen

Creatures indeed. When it comes to brothers, none are more "brotherly" than the Ferraro brood. Though the name may be new to some ears - their dynastic legacy is not. They are descendants of The Cameron House (which is still in the family's hands) in Toronto, Canada. A venue with a well-earned reputation as the place to be seen, and to hear new music. Surrounded by the storied history, and witness to countless legendary performers - it was almost unavoidable they would band together to do the same. Cosmo, Tally and Gianni have no memory of when they started to play together. To them, it's always been so. However, they do recall the forceful recruitment of Tally, the youngest brother to sing - he unwillingly complied...and they've never looked back.

Ferraro have come a long way since sneaking into bars and clubs, and playing with large X’s on their hands. The band has quickly built a local following including key showcases at NXNE and CMW, and are keen to embrace the travelling road and begin paving their way into the hearts of music enthusiast all over the world.