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 Being a founding member and the main composer of the Montreal sensation Skyjuice, lead singer FrankySelector never lost his groove. Coming from a mixed cultural background, FrankySelector feels at home in a fusion of musical styles refusing to be trapped in a particular genre or form. One way to describe his music would be «QuietStrom». His lyrical style is closely related to the Spoken Word tradition and his unique voice is his trademark signature.

Franky has been a go-to collaborator for many musicians along the way. Recently, he produced an album for New Apple Taste and played live with aRTIST oF tHE yEAR, Lucien Francoeur, Stephane Moraille & James Di Salvio (Bran Van 3000), The National Parcs, Coco Café and Future Shock. Franky is also a savvy DJ.

His new album "Shabby Chic" was launched in July 2017.


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Label David Philippe Richard - The Good People Records

Booking Pomeline Delgado pomeline@indiemontreal.ca

The result is brilliant, unique and inspiring, a refreshing soundtrack you will want to play along through your feel-good journey.
— IX Daily
...a truly amazing auditory experience
— Amped Sounds