Many companies, institutions and artists turn toward suppliers of street marketing products to promote their own products, services, releases and events. The practice has become a promotional tool renowned for its impact and accessible cost. Street Marketing is a return to real life - to analog existence you can touch - and avoids the digital mass media noise that pulls the consumer's attention in every direction at once.


unparraleled accessibility

Outdoor street marketing allows you to simultaneously reach pedestrians, motorists, public transit users and cyclists. Our indoor products reach your audience during the course of their everyday lives with engaging and relevant content.

Street Marketing allows you to select neighbourhoods, important locations and types of businesses in order to precisely target your desired population.


very affordable products

Street marketing is very affordable as compared to traditional media products. Commercial mass media are often less accessible, in both number and price, than out of home advertising space on public and private property found everywhere around the city of Montreal. These spaces optimize your budget by each reaching a very targeted audience.

Our products suit companies and creators of all sizes by offering products adapted for all budgets. Whether you have $100 or $10,000, we have attractive options for you.

If you have a limited budget, for example, we can easily determine the locations frequented by your target audience in order to undertake a pertinent outdoor postering campaign in permitted public spaces. Our targeted locations are accessible, democratized and efficient.

Our very affordable street marketing rates allow you to take advantage of multiple complimentary products at once offering a better campaign outcome. For example, instead of spending your entire budget on costly and generalized traditional media ads, you can combine outdoor visibility with indoor flyer distribution and a month of digital displays in grocery stores, dépanneurs, cafés and gyms. This allows you to incorporate many different visual media to precisely target your audience in a way that drives purchase.


Why do business with a street marketing company?

Street Marketing can provide excellent results when a campaign is properly organized. There are a lot of postering spaces in Montreal, but certain will only accept specific types of material. Which to choose? By going through a specialized company, you save time and money. You benefit from the marketing agency's experience and expertise, since we know our networks inside and out, as well as from pre-negotiated printing prices with top suppliers.

We can analyze all available media spaces to propose the ideal marketing mix to fit your needs, target audience and budget. This also assures your campaign's continuity and coordinated activation.


Capture your target audience's attention

Street marketing allows you to be creative while maintaining control over the content and distribution of your communication and brand. You'll reach your audience by making the best geographic and design choices.

Street Marketing offers a variety of creative, dynamic and even interactive opportunities that create a direct conversation with your audience. You'll capture their attention at the right moments to get them connecting with your content.

It's easy to attract interest from your target audience toward your content by using interesting visuals and strategic placements. Unique colours, natural light and attractive text allow you to go get your audience's coveted attention.

Our digital displays offer a unique interactivity by employing facial recognition and eye-tracking technology. Screens are connected to the internet and cellular networks and offer the possibility to update content in real time. You can run contesting, send notifications to the mobile phones of people in front of your screen and even calculate which demographic populations are most responsive to your content.