Interactive Strategy


Indie Montreal works with artists and cultural organizations, but also with companies operating outside of the cultural realm that want to be represented within it. Our team will get to know your business goals in order to design a customized strategic plan specifically targeting the music and cultural.

  • Product placement/Embedded marketing within the music industry
  • Artists endorsements 
  • Strategic marketing consulting
  • Marketing plan development and execution
  • Sponsorship & Partnership planning

Investing in engagement

The music and arts industries have evolved considerably over recent decades. More than ever before, music breaks down barriers, brings people together and unifies very different people. It also represents a huge opportunity for businesses. For some, it is even a crucial avenue through which to reach its customers. Fans listening to and watching their favorite artists or participating in a festival or cultural event are attuned to stimuli around them. These stimuli filter through the artist-fan experience. Brands embedded in these experiences convey their message to fans saliently and in context.

Our mission is clear

Indie Montreal wants to work with and develop companies in which we believe. We act as a music industry marketing mentor. With years of experience in various facets of the space, we regularly deal with a variety of its key players and are able therefore to offer a global view of the business side of music. Our extensive network in this unique industry combined with our creativity and integration skills will help you navigate all corners of the business in order to achieve your goals.

A very exciting opportunity for your brand to cross over with pop culture!