Louis-Philippe Gingras

Louis-Philippe Gingras is first and foremost a musician. After studying jazz at university he returned to his native Abitibi and began writing lyrics – and that’s when the fun began. Now settled in the Petite-Patrie neighbourhood of Montreal, he has dedicated the last five years of his life to the craft of songwriting.

A trained guitarist with an ear for a catchy hook, you can feel Gingras honing his skills from one song to the next. Winner of six awards at the Festival en Chanson de Petite-Vallée, nominated for awards at both SOCAN 2014 and GAMIQ 2015 (for roots album of the year), not to mention highly lauded in the press (Le Devoir, Voir), his album Traverser l’parc (Simone Records, 2013) has taken Louis all across Quebec and beyond.

His second album, Troisième rangée, was released in November 2016. A departure from the country music he is most associated with, Gingras approaches each song as a world in and of itself: be it a sea shanty embellished with the lavish instrumentation of chamber music, or good ol’ driving rock with a solemn touch of brass.

Having been diagnosed three years ago with bipolar affective disorder and having experienced psychotic episodes, since 2014 Louis has been a spokesperson for the AQPPEP, a non-profit organisation in Quebec providing support for those experiencing a first episode of psychosis. He is drawn more and more to tell his story and his relationship with mental illness in songs that are a rare fusion of melody and honesty. 


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