Thursday, june 09th, 2016

Oblique with Beat Sexü

Divan Orange |  4234 St. Laurent, Montreal 

Doors 8:30 pm   |   Show 9:30 pm

Presented by Indie Montreal and MONTREAL fringe

Dislocated and powerful beats under Simpson Sanhill's fingers, coated with Félix Felp Petit deep synths and sensual sax, the fullness of anThony P's rock bass, the mystical flutes taking you off straight up to the moon from Sélim le Chan. Oblique's progressive hop is a music infused with jazz, soul, progressive rock and offbeat hip-hop. A live ballad thru Obliquity.

A windy ballad through Obliquity's streets : the music as a soundtrack for a novel illustrated by DuVent, Simpson Sanhill signs a multidisciplinary piece . Twelve songs, twelve chapters, a range of drawings, paintings and prints which invite you to discover thistown ; a wonderful metropolis whose greatness should be reinvented.