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Our book & the authors started as a ''simple project name'' for Gabriel D'amour's piano/vocal work. It wasn't until a lucky meeting in 2009 with Jean-Christian & Pete Petelle that OBATA began to emerge as a fully formed band. That's when D'amour threw some songs together & printed 1000 copies of the first LP. In a little over a year & after a tone of shows they sold that entire first batch of CD's and many more digital copies. With their fan base growing, craving more, OBATA decided to release a remix Edit EP including a single that is one of their most popular songs, The March. Following 2 tours, showcases for the FME & Pop Montreal to name a few, Festival gigs such as Rifflandia in Victoria B.C., the band decided it was time take some time off the road, return to their home studios & start working on their present album, Equals & Opposites

That might be exactly what made OBATA such a big success amongst the public & critics. OBATA's catchy melodies & honest songwriting are fuelled by an eclectic group of influences; combining a piano based pop like Coldplay & Spoon within the electro acoustic rawness of bands such as Moderat. Their catalogue is rarely the same from one song to the other, but they always manage to tie everything together. Also, bringing to mind a darker moody cabaret styling that is driven by Gabriel singing & playing. He poses a surprising ability to combine the trappings of a slick, charismatic front man with moments of deeply personal, almost naked, honesty.

Determined to not make a predictable album, OBATA has delivered an 11 track opus in 2015 that reflects their maturity as a group making them true artist. Combining interest for warm acoustic sounds and fascination for beats and all things electronic, this album is both new and classic at the same time. Above all, it is the quality of the songs that will make this album both durable and successful.



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They always seem to conquer the audience with their originality et mix of styles creating a musical breath of fresh air.
— Marie-Ève Dumont
One of Montreal’s most interesting emerging bands.
— Baz - 24H