Saturday, June 18, 2015

with Beat Sexü

Divan Orange   |   4234 St-Laurent

Doors 8:30 pm   |   Show 9:30 pm

 Indie Montréal, FRINGE Montréal & Bible Urbaine present :
In collaboration with Once Again, CISM, CJLO, CKUT & Radio Fierté

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Tickets available at : Divan Orange, Atom Heart, L'Oblique, Cheap Thrills

Pif Paf Hangover

Frank, Gab, Manu and Maxo form a symbiosis through their experiences, inspirations and musical weapons. And in the end, Pif Paf is like a new drink with fresh ingredients, spicy invigorating effects and in short, enough energy to make anyone dance with a pulse.


Human Human 

Human Human is the result of a long time friendship between four high school pals. They were and still are mostly influenced by brit music, 80's slick aesthetics as well as the whole Montreal vibe and underground music scene.