Friday, april 29th, 2016

Pif Paf Hangover with Lost Cousins

Divan Orange |  4234 St. Laurent, Montreal 

Doors 8:30 pm   |   Show 9:30 pm

Lost Cousins

Pif Paf Hangover

Two guys from the North who did not know each other, but whose lives were to mix, not with a spoon, but a blender.
After more than 6 years of musical exploration in the studio and the benefits of live improvtion, the stars of nights shows decided to form a group with no future: Pif Paf Hangover. In 2009, PPH make their backpacks heading to Montreal with their first Ep and one goal in mind, leave their mark after each performance, their motto. Perform as if it were the last time!

Manu and Max form a symbiosis through their experiences, inspirations and musical weapons. And in the end, Pif Paf is like a new drink with fresh ingredients, spicy invigorating effects and in short, enough energy to make anyone dance with a pulse.

After playing on the majority ofall Montreal stages and have participated in many festivals (OUMFM for Montreal, etc.), Pif Paf was drafted by the label The Good People Records (Artist of the Year) with whom they continue the adventure. After they have unveil their first album, co-directed with David Laurendeau: Love Curry, a wonderful blend of indie pop-rock and dotted with electro, a new album will appear at the end of automn 2016!