Pif Paf

Photo credit: Damien Thiberge, Stylist: Marianne Dubreuil, MUA: Catherine Lemay

Pif Paf is a Montreal based electro funky pop duo formed in 2011 by musicians Max O Finn (lead vocals, guitars) and Emmanuel C Boucher (Keyboards, back vocals).

The duo met in jam sessions while they were improvising for customers in bars and restaurants.

With the experience from these live sessions and with a mutual passion for instrumental and electronic music production they start collaborating in studio to record their first six track EP adding a touch of rock to the equation and distribute it independently. 

On the spring of 2014 Pif Paf released their very first album Curry Love on the The Good people Records label. Co-produced by David Laurendeau and Pif Paf, Curry Love was well received by the media; the album got many praises in newspapers such as the Gazette, le Voir and Metro. The release was followed by a tour across Quebec and Ontario where the band notably played the NXNE, RIDM and FME festivals. A few songs were selected to be used in popular tv shows such as Tamy, Oui Surf and Tout le monde en parle. Curry Love really stood out as an original album mixing indie pop rock and electronic finding it's way to the first position of CISM's "Top Anglo".

One year after Curry Love was released, the duo offered a 4 track EP of remixes made by Montreal producers Toast Dawg and Artist Of The Year amongst others.

The boys worked on the second complete album focusing more on the funky electronic genre with more soulful vocals. The album was released in 2017.

The Band is now done, but each of them will continue their own music project.


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David Philippe Richard - The Good People Records



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Jane Murray - Bonsound 

Montreal based quartet takes it’s textured pop seriously, but has fun with the presentation.
— The Gazette
Its varied pallet of orchestral instruments, 80’s saxophone riffs and ever-pulsating bass, delivers a highly infectious debut, it may not connect with your emotions but it sure does get your feet moving.
— Stylus