Sunday, March 29, 2015

with Lakes of Canada

Divan Orange   |   4234 St. Laurent

Doors 8:30 pm   |   Show 9:30 pm 

Samantha Savage Smith is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter based in Calgary, Alberta. Upon the release of her debut album Tough Cookie in 2011, the bulk of the critical acclaim it received was rightly placed upon her startling, unique voice, which seems at once familiar and totally new. The album was deemed "Best of 2011" by the Calgary Herald, FFWD Weekly, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, and the Vancouver Sun, and led to a string of CBC and CKUA performances and two acclaimed music videos for her songs "You Always Come To Mind" and "The Score". 

Two years in the making, Smith released her sophomore album, Fine Lines, in January 2015 on Winnipeg label Pipe and Hat. The new batch of songs keeps intact the vocal-heavy allure of her debut, while exhibiting a gigantic leap forward in the development of a truly personal songwriting style. The album offers immediate pleasures in the straight-to-the-gut vocal performances and Smith's highly attuned sense of melody, but it also rewards repeated listens; the songs contain unique twists and turns, the arrangements far from predictable. The singer's lyrical concerns have also undergone and growth spurt; while Tough Cookie ruminated on heartbreak and lost love, Fine Lines shifts the focus to loftier notions of death, the perennial struggles of the independent artist, and new beginnings.