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Halloween night. A vacant warehouse. Music blasting. Ms. Mia Wallace, a woman with a needle in her chest, meets Mr. Planet Hollywood, a man in a tacky red suit. Pulp Fiction meets feigned pomp. Sc meets Tyler Wagar.

The unorthodox union, born of fake blood and abandoned asylum lighting, would become Winnipeg-rooted indie rock outfit Sc Mira. The band’s musical tapestry is a seamless weaving of folk, alt-country, rock, and indie pop. Their upcoming debut EP, Waiting Room Baby, showcases simple but savory folk-inspired instrumentation framing and keeping focus on Sc’s unmistakable voice, sweet but sinister. The overall product on record is sweet but haunting, bold but brittle.

With a live show that boasts the urgency and intensity of a thunderstorm and a fresh take on fiery folk rock – dark, dazzling, eerie, elegant – Sc Mira is a shot of adrenaline, straight to the heart. Fitting, isn’t it?


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Tim Jones  Pipe and Hat

(204) 955-5996 / tim@pipeandhat.com

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Mélissa Thibodeau – Indie Montreal

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