Media Relations - Quebec Province

Looking to get a foothold in the often-elusive Quebec music market? Indie Montreal offers comprehensive media relations throughout the province of Quebec for artists, labels and festivals. We’re also able to subcontract out the Quebec region from national or international publicists. With hundreds of music media in the Quebec market that function separately from Canada and the United States in a cultural, linguistic and stylistic sense, we feel the territory must be approached separately and pursue artist development with that in mind. 

Media Relations - Quebec Province (Key Markets)

Don’t have the budget for a comprehensive Quebec provincial campaign? We’re able to target specific markets within the province of Quebec for a more cost-effective outcome. If your band is playing only 3 cities on a limited budget, why not look for the surgical strike you need?


Media Relations - Montreal

In many ways, Montreal stands atop the cultural pyramid of Quebec culture. Only looking to play the major markets, but want to develop each one properly? Indie Montreal is able to conduct market-specific campaigns that are both cost-effective and aggressive.

Digital Media Press Relations - Montreal

Indie Montreal offers a specialized service focusing on Montreal’s digital music media. At any given time, Montreal has between 50 and 75 active music media that function exclusively online. This service is often used as a supplement to traditional media relations, which generally does not include the underground media that function as the city’s true tastemakers. Affordable and direct, this service is currently available for the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec.


Brand Development

Indie Montreal offers marketing and PR development for Brands looking to benefit from association with Montreal and Quebec’s cultural scenes and hotspots. Please inquire for more information.

Marketing Planning - Quebec Province

Indie Montreal also offers specialized services like Ad Buying, Marketing Consulting and Marketing Planning for the Quebec market with specific focuses on the province’s cultural sphere and on reaching youth markets through it. Please inquire for more information.