Our Street Team

Indie Montreal is always looking for people who are passionate about music and culture to join our Street Team. The team has a very important role within our company. Its volunteers meet weekly to get posters and flyers for upcoming events and are asked to then find a moment in their week to distribute them. We ask for about 2 to 3 hours per week from each member. For Indie Montreal, the street team allows us greater accessibility to Montreal’s population and offers a direct marketing opportunity. In exchange for their time, we offer volunteers free access to our shows and many shows presented by our street marketing partners (Evenko, Greenland, Bonsound, etc.). That’s not all: joining our team opens up a door to the music industry and to the cultural sphere as a whole, allowing volunteers to learn about the medium and make contacts within it. It’s a way to meet new people with similar interests and to better understand the city of Montreal and its cultural life. In short, if you’re a music lover or are interested by the world that surrounds the music industry, this team is probably for you!