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Newcomer on the Belgian scene, The Feather is the side project of Thomas Medard, singer/guitarist of Dan San.

With his debut album, Invisible, Thomas delivers 12 tracks as the result of a long process of songwriting and recording. His cinematic universe is at a crossroads already explored by the dreamlike pop music of Department of Eagles, Syd Matters, or Tim Burton's instrumental and visual soundtracks. The resulting music, dreamy and melancholy, offers a diversified first album where the listener is invited to a sweet and emotional journey.

For this record, Thomas carried to the extreme the concept of “solo project” and realized it from A to Z. He plays all the instruments (guitars of all kinds, piano, synths, bass, clarinet, glock, percussion,…) and has entirely produced, recorded and mixed it by transforming the attic of his house into a home studio. This attic has become a true sound laboratory in which time has stopped for this hyper-productive young musician. It is finally at Studio 5 (MLCD, Roscoe, Dan San,…) that the last layer of varnish was added, with the help of Raphaël Wynands. Fascinated by music as much as graphic arts, he also wanted to create himself the visual universe surrounding the album.

Invisible is available since 2014 in Canada.


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Management Maxime Lhussier - Jaune Orange

Booking Pomeline Delgado pomeline@indiemontreal.ca

Belgian group The Feather craft an intoxicating sound that sounds purely enchanting, as if it emerged from an illuminated forest where unicorns roam.
— Obscure Sound
All I know is that The Feather has immense visionary talents and I genuinely can’t wait to dig into their newly released debut album, Invisible.”
— Indie Shuffle

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