28/09/2019 II Festival Détonation, Besançon (FR)




At the beginning of 2018, a peculiar young man came onto the scene, and with him a soon-to-be hit song named “Seul sur ton tandem” [“Alone on your tandem”]. With the devil in his eye and a trumpet in his hand, Thibaud Vanhooland aka Voyou quickly got himself noticed with his sensationally jolly rhythms and an enthralling live show, thanks to appearances at French Vieilles Charrues and Fnac Live festivals, also playing support for Fishbach, Eddy de Pretto, and Polo & Pan.

In high school, he started his first band. But, as some of his fellow players moved on - or, for others, spiraled - the time came for him to go it alone, with his own songs. Thus Thibaud became Voyou. A hoodlum. A lout. The word is dear to him, for it is the ideal means of keeping his private life separate from his work, allowing him to take on a myriad of personalities. And so his first EP was an offering of pop both plural and hybrid, paving the way for the melodic marvels of Bruits de la ville [Noises from the city]. With simple, poetic wording and not an ounce of cynicism, he recounts stories of today, stories of love and of ennui, close to home or across the sea.

His music oscillates between naturalist chanson and jolly electro, at the crossroads between the pleasant nonchalance of Mac DeMarco and the benevolence of Alain Souchon. With impressive liberty and richness, his noises of the city echo the promise of a formidable form of pop. A promise Voyou has every intention of keeping.


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Management Séverin Merad severin.merad@gmail.com

Press relation Cécile Legros cecilelegros.promo@gmail.com

Booking (FR) Céline Lemée - À gauche de la lune celine@agauchedelalune.com

Booking (QC) Pomeline Delgado pomeline@indiemontreal.ca


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