Sunday February 21th 2016

Divan Orange |  4234 St. Laurent.

Doors 12h00    |   Show 13h00

Presented par IMTL with guest SWEET GRASS

Show Only - $10,40 + taxes

Show with meal - $8.70 +taxes

  •  Main Course Only - $11.75 + taxes
  •  Table d’Hôte 1 - Main Course + Appetiser or dessert - $14.75 + taxes
  •  Table d’Hôte 2 - Main Course + Appetiser and dessert - $16.75 + taxes



Hailing from Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, Sweet Grass is a talented young quintet that has been clearing its way through Quebec’s tall grass for almost two years. Although their music is rooted in Quebec folk tradition, the band takes pleasure in mixing different tonalities that weave subtly and ingeniously throughout its compositions. Their sweet melodies betray influences from Andean songs, country-folk, baroque and even jazz. The band's musical journey recounts the nostalgia of forest-laden sprawls, urban love stories and the torment of a new generation. Sweet Grass’ five members present a touching folk aesthetic tinged with vocal harmonies reminiscent of a flock of geese in October.